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Can these Windmills be made to generate electricity?              
No. Windmill wheels are designed for maximum efficiency and  power when the wind initially starts the wheel to turn to lift water on the first up stroke and to continue pumping at low RPM's,  Electric generators require their power and efficiency at higher RPM's.  The towers, however, could be used to install the small modern electrical turbins that are sold today.

How much water can a Windmill pump?                                      Many factors need to be considered to determine volume of water a windmill will pump: - Amount of available wind in your part of the country
- Will it be taller than surrounding hills, trees and buildings?
- Depth of water in the well
- Size of the windmill wheel 
- Size of the cylinder in the well plus other factors.
An 8' windmill can usually be expected to pump 2-4 GPM. .
Can Windmill towers be taken apart for transportation?            
Yes.  Tower sections are bolted together.  Depending on the make of the tower, sections can be 5', 6-1/2', 10', 13-1/2', or 20' in length.  The smaller sections can be placed inside the larger sections for transportation.  Example: A 40' Aermotor tower can be taken apart in three sections, so maximum length for transportation is about 14'.
How do I turn off the windmill when I don't want it to run?           
The Windmill has a control handle at ground level to either turn it on or off.
What prevents the Windmill from damage in high winds?          
The windmill wheel is designed to regulate itself away from the direction of the wind when windspeeds approach aprox. 20 mph.  As winds increase more and more the wheel moves out of the wind and can turn 90 degrees parallel to the wind and the brake is applied..The brake does not control the speed of the windmill during normal operations but only is applied when the wheel is turned 90 degrees from excessive wind or the control handle is turned off.

What kind of maintenance does the Windmill require?                Once a year the oil needs to be changed in the gearbox. Also at this time all  movable parts of the furling system need to be lubed with an oil squirt can.The platform bearing, and the mast pipe storm stay area will need some wheel bearing grease .  Information will be given what is required,  The wheel and tower should be checked for loss of missing nuts and bolts.  With proper maintenance the Windmill will last for years and years.
What equipment is needed to erect a Windmill?                             Much care and planning must be used to erect a Windmill. The windmill anchors require a lot of prepation and measuring to make sure they are set correctly in concrete for the tower to bolt up to.  A contractor may be needed to do this if you feel you don't have the expertise.   A boom truck or small crane should be used for raising the Windmill.  In the old days gin poles or 'A' frames were used.
Can I paint my Windmill?                                                          
Windmill towers and wheels were never painted at the factory.  Some exceptions on a very few had the wheel tips painted for ascetics.  The gearbox and most cast parts were painted. Everything else was galvanized.  Most common paints don't adhere to galvanized metal very well.  After a few years the paint may flake or peel off leaving a bad looking windmill.  Galvanizing has done a trenendous job over many years protecting metal.  Some Windmills 60-70 years old still look great. My advice is: Don't do it.
What's required in the well for pumping water?                         
The wood pump rod that comes down from the Windmill will connect either to a pump or stuffbox above the well.  From there, the well pipe goes down to a cylinder below the water level in the well.  Inside the well pipe is a rod that  connects from the pump or stuffbox to the cylinder.  The cylinder contains two check valves and a piston with leathers.  The up/down action of the pump rod in the cylinder draws water up through the cylinder and well pipe and out through the pump or stuffbox.  Well pipe size for smaller wells is usually 1-1/4" and 2" for bigger wells.  Pipe can be either galvanize or SCH 80 PVC.  The inner punp rod is 7/16" steel or PVC.  PVC is much lighter and puts a lighter load on the windmill but has the problem of staying straight inside the well pipe.  Every new well setup needs to be engineered as to what is the best way to go.  We can provide guidelines but an experienced well man should be consulted.
Takedown of 40' Aermotor                  Windmill with 8' size wheel