Who we are                      
My name is Dave Straub, owner of Nebraska Windmills.  Buying, restoring and selling Windmills for16 yrs.

What we do                      
We purchase good used rebuildable windmills from farmers that no longer use them. These are galvanized metal towers and metal wheels.  We take them down and bring them to our shop,  The gearboxes are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, worn parts replaced and reassembled.  Everything is examined and refurbished if necessary, including the brake, vane and the furling system.  The towers, likewise, that have bent or missing parts, are fixed or replaced.  All hardware, nuts and bolts, girts and cross braces are checked. The end result is an almost near new windmill with the old look.  The old look will have a dull  galvanize appearence and sometimes tarnished appearance.  

Where located                  
We are located at:  2612 H Rd., Syracuse, NE  68446.  This is in SE Ne. 30 miles SE of Lincoln  on Hwy #2.  Telephone 402-269-2989
Contact us                       
Telephone:  402-269-2989  We are CST time. Email : windmills@futuretk.com
Windmill types                  
We have two types of windmills for sale.  Some are restored back to water pumping capability and some are just for spinning in the wind.  In many cases the "spinners" have worn parts left out and can't be easily restored back to pump water, but they will spin in the wind just fine.
Windmill sizes                  
The great majority of our windmill wheels are 8' diameter in size.  Occasionally we will get in a 6' or 10' diameter size.  Towers are anywhere from 20' to 50' in length. Common size is around 30'   To operate properly the wheel must be 10' higher than surrounding trees, buildings or other wind obstruction.
Windmill anchors              
We make a new set of anchors that go into the ground for the windmill to sit on.  Depending on tower size they are typically 5' long made of 2-1/2" galvanized angle iron.  Small towers of 20' or less could be mounted on a concrete slab thats extends past the tower legs 18" and should be no less than 10" thick.
Windmill towers                
All the early towers were made of wood but around the turn of the century most manufactures started using steel.  All the steel towers were hot dipped with galvanizing to protect the metal.  Some towers that are over 60 years old still have good galvanizing left.  We do not sell wood towers as they need a lot of maintenance over the life of the tower.
Windmill heads                 
The windmill head comprises the wheel, gearbox, vane and furling system, everything behind the wheel and what sits on top of the tower.  The gearbox converts the rotary motion of the wheel into a vertical reciprocal motion for pumping water. The vane keeps the wheel into the wind when the mill is turned on and out of the wind when the mill is turned off.  The furling system is the mechanism that controls the wheel into or out of the wind by the control handle located near ground level.
We can deliver your windmill to the greater Midwest area.  The tower usually can be brought in one piece and the head will be removed from the tower but the wheel will be installed on it.  We also use a few independant truckers who deliver for us. Shipping by commercial carrier is  too expensive due to size.  Some buyers come with their own pickup and trailer and find that may be the most economical way. The fee for delivery is determined at the time of purchase and is based primarily on mileage, size and other factors from our location.
Prices vary depending on what is available, size, type and condition.  Call to see what we have.  Terms are 1/2 down at time of order and balance when delivered or picked up.